Focaal Volume 2016, Issue 75: In/visible—In/secure

image1We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Focaal – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology has recently published and is available online at its new home,

This issue’s theme section, titled “In/visible—In/secure” and guest edited by Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein, illustrates the multiple and shifting intersections of in/visibility and in/security in today’s security-minded world and also reminds us of the unique contributions that anthropology can make to the critical study of security. The editors’ introduction is available to all readers for free.

Focaal 75 also includes a regular articles section, which features a freely available Open Access article by Judith Bovensiepen, and a forum piece by Katharina Bodirsky on politically organizing subjection in the contexts of current EU-Europe and Turkey. As always, forums are freely available to all readers.

Volume 2016, Issue 75: 

Guest Editors: Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein


In/visible—In/secure: Optics of regulation and control
Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein

Intimidation, reassurance, and invisibility: Israeli security agents in the Old City of Jerusalem
Erella Grassiani and Lior Volinz

Sensing evil: Counterterrorism, techno-science, and the cultural reproduction of security
Mark Maguire and Pete Fussey

The correct secret: Discretion and hypertransparency in Chinese biosecurity
Katherine A. Mason

Performing humanitarian militarism: Public security and the military in Brazil
Stephanie Savell


Visions of prosperity and conspiracy in Timor-Leste
Judith Bovensiepen

Forgotten moralities of agrarian economy in Bali: Production and exchange, business and friendship
Graeme MacRae

The everyday politics of India’s “land wars” in rural eastern India
Kenneth Bo Nielsen


From the “state-idea” to “politically organized subjection”: Revisiting Abrams in times of crisis in Turkey and EU-Europe
Katharina Bodirsky

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